We Want to Know What You Need for Your Dune Buggy or VW Project

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Have a question about how something goes together? Need a part you don't see on the site? Want to see a video on a particular part, air-cooled VW vehicle or application? Please let us know!

Thanks to everyone for supporting us at DuneBuggyWarehouse.com

All of you off road, dune buggy, sand rail, VW bug, and air-cooled Volkswagen enthusiasts are our lifeblood.  You keep us excited about finding new awesome parts, highlighting unique projects and developing new solutions for your air-cooled vehicle.

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Revamping that section of the website got us thinking.  We want to know what you want to know, see and do on you project!

Our goal is to help customers get the parts they need for their project quickly.  The more cars we can get on the dirt, sand, mud and tarmac the better.

If you are working on an air-cooled VW beetle, dune buggy, sand rail, VW bus or anything else let us know.  Send us an email through our contact us page. Click here to see it.  Or reach out to us on Facebook  or Instagram  @DuneBuggyWarehouse. 

We want to know about parts or information that you need to complete your project.  We work on the website everyday and are constantly adding information.  Our goal is to keep tailoring that information to serve our enthusiast customers. 

If you would like to see a video comparison or tutorial, let us know.  We might just put it together for you.

So far we have done videos on many common questions we receive including electronic ignitions, VW engine case inspections, differences in air-cooled VW beetle and VW bus transmissions, oil pumps and several other common topics.  

We know there are so many more pieces of information that can be vital to a successful project.  Also we understand that many aftermarket parts lack instructions or have specific fitment footnotes that can be easily missed.  While air-cooled Volkswagens have been around since the 1930s it seems information for some part applications can still be sparse. Sometimes even we learn new things about application specific differences or special fitment details.  We always take note when we do and enjoy addressing these curve-balls.  

Keep us in the loop on what you see and we will do our best to document that information so we can continue to improve our website and your experience as an enthusiast.   We truly appreciate any and all enthusiasts who have a passion for dune buggies, sand rails, baja bugs, Volkswagen beetles, VW buses, baja bugs, Type 3s and Karmann Ghias.