Dune Buggy Warehouse Brands

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At Dune Buggy Warehouse we are committed to providing a wide variety of parts for your dune buggy, VW Beetle, woods buggy or VW powered vehicle. We are a warehousing distributor for EMPI one of the biggest suppliers of aftermarket air-cooled VW parts in the world. Check out the full EMPI VW parts catalog at www.empius.com. We are also stocking premium distributor of factory replacement VW parts. A selection of economy and premium options is available for factory replacement VW chassis components. We have access to TRW, Varga, Febi Bilstein, SKF and OE Brand suspension, chassis and brake components.

For dune buggy, woods buggy and performance applications we offer heavy duty brake and suspension components. We are a master distributor for Jamar brake and suspension parts. EMPI's RaceTrim product line also has a nice selection of heavy duty brake components.

One of our specialties is engine components. We stock factory replacement engine parts from AA, Elring, Grant, Bosch, Continental, EMPI and other VW hard parts distributors. We do our best to keep most common engine parts in stock and ready to ship.

We also love performance and aftermarket VW and dune buggy engine parts. We are proud retailers of MST serpentine pulley kits, Pauter racing rockers, Autocraft, big bore Mahle and AA pistons, Total Seal piston rings and Scat engine components.

Ignition components are also vital to a nice running VW or dune buggy engine. We provide a variety of options from stock to all-out performance.

We are a master distributor of Pertronix VW parts and offer a full line of stock replacement and billet distributors. We stock vacuum advance distributors and mechanical advance distributors. We also offer electronic ignitions from Kuhltek and EMPI for more economical options. CDI kits are in stock from both MSD and Pro-Series.

Spark plug wires can add a flare of style and performance to your engine bay. We offer stock and performance air-cooled VW spark plug wires from EMPI, Taylor Wires, Bosch and MSD. Off road racing or a performance engine can be tough on a transmission. We can supply a host of parts to strengthen your VW Independent Rear Suspension (IRS) Transmission or Swing Axle Transmission. We offer BugPack Super Differentials and transmission components and are a supplier of Weddle Industries transmission components.

We keep High Torque IMI Starters in stock to make sure your big displacement engine will fire up on command.

A good clutch is a vital component for a properly operating drivetrain. We offer performance and factory replacement clutches for VW beetles, dune buggies and woods buggies. We have factory replacement clutches in stock from Sachs and OE Brand. We also stock Kennedy Engineering clutches and pressure plates.

If you want to swap your VW engine for another platform, we can provide a Kennedy Engineering adapter and flywheel kit that will allow for the installation of a popular Subaru or Ecotec engine into your vehicle.

Have questions about a brand or specific part? Drop us an email or call us. We will do our best to answer your question or find someone who can answer it. We have access to thousands of parts. We do our best to keep the most popularly requested VW and dune buggy parts in stock at all times. Specific niche parts are not always in stock but often can be ordered on an upcoming pallet shipment.

All brands that we stock

  • AA Pistons
  • American Autowire
  • Bosch
  • Brosol
  • BugPack
  • Cartech Books & Manuals
  • CB Performance
  • Continental
  • Dansk JP Group
  • Elring
  • EMPI
  • Engle Cams
  • Euromax
  • FAG Bearings
  • Febi Bilstein
  • Grant Steering Wheels
  • Hella
  • Hi Torque IMI Starters
  • Holley
  • IAP Performance
  • Jamar Performance
  • Jaycee
  • K4 Switches
  • Kennedy Engineering
  • Kolbenschmidt
  • Kuhltek Motorwerks
  • Mahle
  • MSD Ignition
  • MST Motorsports Tulsa
  • Pauter
  • Pertronix
  • Race Trim
  • Rancho
  • Sachs
  • Scat
  • Silverline
  • Taylor Wires
  • Total Seal Piston Rings
  • TRW
  • Varga
  • Weber Carburetors
  • Weddle Industries
  • Wilwood Disc Brakes