VW Type Engine Sizing Chart for Type 1 Engines in VW Beetles and Dune Buggies

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This chart shows what size VW Type 1 engine you will make depending on your crankshaft stroke and piston bore. Please note VW engine sizes are in cubic centimeters.

This chart gives you an idea of what size VW Type 1 engine you can build based on your engines crankshaft stroke and piston and cylinder bore. 

We have several different styles of VW type 1 crankshafts avaialable for your VW bug, dune buggy, woods buggy or sand rail.They start at a stock 69mm stroke and go up to 90mm stroke. Click here to see our crankshaft selection.

We also have many piston options available from 77mm up to 101.6mm.  Click here to see all of the pistons listed for VW Type 1 engines. 

It is highly recommended that you check with your engine builder or contact us if you are unsure of whether or not a certain engine combination will work or not.

Many VW engine combinations have been done before and there are standard ways to build them.

Some of the more exotic VW Type 1 stroker engines will require extensive machine work and modification, which make them more difficult and expensive to build.

The formula we used to calculate the size of VW Type 1 engine is: Bore X Bore X Stroke X .0031416