VW Bus Bellhousings and Starter Compatibility

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Here we have a quick tech tip explaining the different Bell Housings and Starters on VW Transmissions.

A Type 1 transmission from a Beetle uses the same starter as a 002 3-rib and 5-rib Type 2 Bus transmission.
The 002 flange measures 2-3/4" from bellhouse to starter.

002 Bus bellhousing flange measurement

An 091 transmission uses a slightly thicker bellhousing, measuring 3-1/4" from bellhouse to starter.

091 bus Bellhousing starter flange measurement

With both starters side-by-side, the difference is more easily noticeable - the short starter nose fits a Type 1 Sedan and 3 and 5 rib bellhousing.

VW Beetle and Bus starter side by side

You can also adapt a TDI Jetta starter to either bellhousing using one of our TDI Adapter kits. TDI Starters are more powerful and
are easily & cheaply replaceable.

002 and 091 bellhousings are interchangeable between Type 2 Bus transmissions, and many people swap to a 002 for the cheaper starter options.

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