Texas Desert Racing - Race Schedule for 2018

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The Texas Desert Racing Association, sponsored by DuneBuggyWarehouse.com, has announced their 2018 schedule.

The Texas Desert Racing Association has announced their 2018 race dates.

TDRA's first race is February 23-24 at Texana Ranch.  Next they host the Texas 300 on April 13-15. On July 13-15 they will host the Texana 250 and finally the Lonestar 250 on October 26-28.

Each of these races is a great opportunity for those who want to participate in desert racing.  The TDRA community is very open to having outsiders race.

There are racing options for vehicles close to our heart like baja bugs, rail buggies and race buggies.  

UTVs, Trucks, Cars and Motos also have open race classes. 

Last year several midwest racers including Phillip Drew and Juan Rivero traveled to Texas to tango with the lonestar air-cooled races.  

If you think your off road rail buggy, baja bug or off road race has what it takes to endure a desert race we encourage you to give it a try,

Several racers have told us that there is a great community of racers that attend these events and help each other race and fix thier air-cooled cars. 

Dune Buggy Warehouse is proud to be a contingency sponsor for the Air-Cooled race class.   This class covers all air-cooled VW powered cars.  

Lookout for more updates on TDRA and other events we will sponsor or share for 2018.  

Please contact us or TDRA if you are interested in racing in Texas.  We are happy to help you get connected with a member of TDRA if needed.