Larry's Off Road Center Nationals 2017

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Larry's Off Road Center Nationals is a yearly event held in the southwest ohio area for air-cooled volkswagens, and includes drag racing, car shows and a swap meet.

A mainstay in the Southwest Ohio Volkswagen crowd, Larry's Off Road Center has been hosting the yearly Nationals at Kil-Kare.

Larry's Off Road Center Nationals pulls the crowd to Kil-Kare



Beautiful weather brought quite the crowd for 2017. Larry's annual Nationals hosts a large swap meet, car & buggy show, and the drag racing main event.

Swap Meet, Car & Buggy Show, Drag Racing are a part of the festivities



Spotted at the car show - A rare Audi-Powered, 24-volt, 4-wheel-drive VW Type 183, known as the Volkswagen Iltis, and the 'Europa Jeep'.

 Volkswagen Iltis Type 183



VW Beetles are a popular base car to modify into hot-rods and dune buggies with a wide variety of kits and bodies available.

VW Beetles are a popular project car with many bodies, kits and modifications available.



Wheelie fun is had with many VW-powered vehicles getting time to play on Kil-Kare's 1/8th mile dragstrip.

Trike Wheelies are always a crowd favorite



Alex Curry, a Dune Buggy Warehouse sponsored driver out of Fairfield, Ohio, brought his Pro Stock Ghia, aptly named 'My College Fund'.

Alex Curry, Dune Buggy Warehouse sponsored driver



As the day heats up, drag racers from all over the country bring their air-cooled cars out to compete. Above - Jason Poynter warming his tires.

Jason Poynter warming his tires for Heads-Up bracket elminiation



Gary Zipperian and his maroon Notchback lines up with Tay Woykowski's colorful Fastback for elminiations.

Gary Zipperian and Tay Woykowski line up for elimination


Damon Harmon bringing the Scat-sponsored Quarter Toy out of Texas.

Damon Harmon in the Scat-powered Beetle


The finals lined Tay Woykowski against Jason Poynter, with Tay Woykowski in the Fastback taking the win. In the Heads-Up racing, the first across the line takes the podium.

Tay Woykowski 6.44 @ 103.02

Jason Poynter 6.37 @ 107.76


vintage ghia drag racing

Bright flame paint on this drag beetle

Alex Curry, Dune Buggy Warehouse sponsored driver

Scales and flames on this black beetle

Superman Buggy drag racing

Even woods buggies get to hit the 1/8th Mile

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