Early VW Beetle Chassis and Engine Cutaway from Automuseum Prototyp Hamburg

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Check out some of these photos of an early VW Chassis and Engine from the Automuseum Prototyp in Hamburg Germany. Shown are a 36 HP Engine Cutaway, Chassis Cutaways, brake drum cutaway and split case VW transmission cutaway.


VW Beetle 36 HP Engine Cutaway, Cylinders, Heads, Oil Cooler, Flywheel


VW 36 Hp Engine Cutaway, case, pistons, cylinder head


VW 36 HP Cylinder, Head, Pistons, Valves Cutaway


VW Early Split Case Transmission Cutaway


Early VW Brake Drum Assembly Cutaway


Early VW Beetle Center Tunnel Cutaway, Heat, Fuel Lines, e Brake lines.