Customer Feature - Mick's Street Buggy

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1914cc Berrien frame wearing slick candy paint with some clean hot-rod touches.

Candy orange and yellow scalloped body wraps this candy-green Berrien chassis.

Buggy cockpit

Clean cockpit attributed to hotrod-style tinwork covering the floor, tunnel, and a set of vintage CNC pedals tucked under the 3-gauge dash. All electronics are handled by the bay of switches between the lowback seats.

1914cc Engine

A 94mm x 69mm 1914cc engine topped with chrome accents and a 32/36 progressive carburetor keeps the buggy moving while rear disc brakes keeps him out of trouble.

Recessed Headlights

Sleek taillights

Recessed headlights,low-profile tail lights and completely internal wiring maintain a clean look.

Paint pops in the sun

Polished aluminum wheels

Mick's buggy will surely see plenty of miles and sun. With custom touches like the scratchbuilt tinted roof, tucked wiring and body mods, this buggy may provide some inspriation to your next project.

Local to Cincinnati and finishing up a slick project vehicle? We are looking to feature more customer's rides - send a pic & some info on your project to