Baja 1000 Race Starting - Local Racer Entering Buggy in Vintage Class

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A Hamilton Ohio Race Team is competing in the Baja 1000 this week in their Fuel Injected VW powered Chenowih Race Buggy Built in two months.

The 50th Annual Baja 1000 is underway. The dirt bikes and quads have already left to start the 1000 plus mile journey.

A local Dune Buggy Warehouse Sponsored team is competing and will start the race sometime today November 16. 

They will compete in the Vintage Class. 

They departed from Ohio last week and arrived in Mexico last Monday. 

The team is comprised of Phillip Drew, Jerry Weaver, Jim Huber and Dave Huber. Jasper McDougald also joined the team from North Carolina. 

Two months ago the team decided to compete in the race and made a mad dash to build their Chenowth single seater race buggy.

It was not an easy task. The car is owned by Drew and he spent much of his time engineering the car and building it to handle the extreme conditions on Mexico's Baja Peninsula.

Drew Team Baja 1000 Race Car

Drew Team Baja 1000 Race Car 2

The car features 24 inches of suspension travel in the rear and 18 inches of travel in the front.  It has sway a way triple bypass shocks in the rear and coil overs in the front. 

A specially formulated  35 inch tall BFGoodrich tire sits at each corner.  This gives the car great ground clearance and will help it handle silt and obstacles in the race.  The tire is specifically designed for desert races like the Baja 1000.

The transmission is custom heavy duty 6 rib transmission with a special gear set that should carry power and speed.  The engine is a 2276 built to build nice torque and hold higher RPMS.  It features a custom Fitech Electronic Fuel Injection system with specially designed intake manifolds.  

Steinjager sponsored the team and provided heim ends and some heavy duty tie rods to the team. 

Building the buggy was a scramble all the way to the end but the team was able to work together to finish.  It took just 65 long days and nights to build the car from a bare frame to a complete race car.   Many parts were overnighted to complete the project in time. 

Drew took the car through tech Tuesday and was interviewed with many of the other racers. rolling through Ensenada Mexico.  

The team's number is V325.  They can be tracked on the SCORE website as they progress through the desert. 

Best of luck to the team! We hope they can finish the race safely and in tact!

Baja 1000 Live Map 2017

Click here to see live tracking of the race.   Search V325 in the top right to track the DBW team.  

Click here to see the SCORE Live Stream of the Race on Youtube.