2018 Michigan Buggy Builder's Show to Converge in Lansing Mich. Sunday March 11

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Dune buggy, air-cooled VW, sand rail, woods buggy and racing enthusiasts will gather Sunday March 11 for a day of parts swapping and selling at the 2018 Michigan Buggy Builder's Show.

The 2018 Michigan Buggy Builder's Show is Sunday, March 11 in Lansing, Mich at the Lansing Center.

It is a great indoor swap meet for those looking to buy and sell air-cooled VW parts, sand rail parts, dune buggy parts and VW racing parts.

Many dune buggy and sand rail parts companies gather to sell their parts and show off their latest creations.  

Each year new off-road sand rails and dune buggies are on display.  This can give people ideas for their own projects.

A wide variety of air-cooled VW parts sellers always attend this show, including businesses and private people.

Anything from stock VW beetle and bus parts to off-road parts and even high end drag racing parts can be found at the Michigan Buggy Builder's Show. 

But Volkswagen parts aren't the only thing found there.  Many water-cooled dune buggy and sand rail enthusiasts also attend the show to buy and sell parts. 

Each year the show starts early Sunday morning and runs through the afternoon. 

People travel to Michigan from surrounding states to get in on the action. 

The show is large filling one of the halls of the Lansing Center. 

DuneBuggyWarehouse.com is proud to be a sponsor of the Michigan Buggy Builder's Show. 

This year unfortunately we will not be attending the show, but encourage enthusiasts to attend and enjoy the swap. 

The address of the Michigan Buggy Builder's Show is:

Lansing Center (LEPFA) 
333 E. Michigan Ave. 
Lansing, MI 48933

Tickets to the show cost $10.  

Swap Spaces cost $80

Exhibitors set up starts early around 5 AM. 

The event opens to the public around 9 AM