VW Type 1 Cylinder Head Torque Sequence - For Air Cooled Bug Bus Ghia & Dune Buggy

How to install cylinder heads on your air cooled Beetle engine

Air cooled VW Type 1 Bug Bus Ghia Cylinder Head Torque Sequence

Before placing your cylinder heads on the head studs, check that your cylinder cool tins are in place. These are the small tins that are between your cylinders and push rod tubes that divert cooling air between the cylinder fins instead of just dumping the air out in the gap between the cylinders. You can use the OEM style tins, but we suggest the VW Type 3 cylinder cool tins. The cool tins should snap neatly into place onto the head studs. Check both the front and rear of the tins, they should sit level with the cylinders.

VW Type 1 cylinder cool tins - air cooled bug ghia Type 3 dune buggy

Next, place the head on the cylinder studs. leave them sticking out about 1/2" from the cylinders - enough space to install the push rod tubes. If your engine configuration requires a copper cylinder head spacer gasket, slip that into place in the head now.

With push rod tube seals clean and installed on the push rod tubes, pop the push rod tubes into place. Take care to place the seams facing up to reduce the chance for leaks and increase longevity.

VW Type 1 push rod tube installation

Gently push the cylinder head into place. Check that your push rod tubes are seating properly, and the head shim or gasket is seated (if applicable - not used on all engines). The head should snap into place on the cylinders.

Lightly oil the threads on each head stud, and install all 8 washer and nuts finger-tight.

Air cooled VW Type 1 Bug Bus Ghia Cylinder Head Torque Sequence

Follow the initial tightening sequence to seat the head. Its better to take your time and tighten in several steps. Finish torquing the initial tightening sequence to 7 ft-lbs.

Follow the final torque sequence. For 10mm head studs, torque the cylinder head nuts to 23 ft-lbs. For 8mm head studs, torque the cylinder head nuts to 18 ft-lbs. If you over-torque a nut, loosen them all and start the sequence again.

To button up the project, install your push rods, install the rockers, and tighten the rocker stud nuts down to 14-18 ft-lbs.

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