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We stock a wide variety of parts for your air-cooled VW Beetle. Our inventory includes many parts for your VW bug engine, suspension, shifter, chassis brakes and body.

VW Beetles have been in production since the late 1940s. While VW beetles feature simple technology compared to modern cars, there are several variations of VW bugs throughout the years.

It is important to know key information about your bug before selecting parts.

Late Beetle At Ault Park Concours

VW Beetle Parts Changes By Model Years

We stock both early and late VW Beetle parts. Most people consider Beetles made from 1949 - 1967 "early Beetles" and Beetles made from 1968-1977 " late Beetles."

Many VW bug enthusiasts also differentiate between "small window" and "big window" VW Beetles. Small window VW Beetles were made until 1964 and feature many unique body and window parts to big window beetles made from 1965 - 1977.

Engine parts, suspension parts, brake parts and chassis parts vary between early beetles and late Beetles.

Early Beetles featured a swing axle transmission, link pin front suspension, 5x205mm bolt pattern wheels, low back seats, 6 volt electrics and model specific body parts. Engines in early VW bugs was a 1200cc single port engine that kept developing more horsepower through the years. It started with a 25 HP engine, then went to a 36 HP engine. The final iterations of the 1200cc single port engine was a 40 horsepower engine that ran through 1965.

1966 Beetles were the first to have ball joint front ends and had a one year only 1300cc single port engine. 1967 was a transition year featuring many unique hard to find body parts and the first year for 12V electronics, sealed beam headlights, a 1500cc engine and dual circuit brakes.

Late Beetle At Ault Park Concours

Beetles made in 1968 still had a swing axle, but featured updated safety features like a padded dash, heavier bumpers and high back seats. Also beetle wheel bolt patterns changed in 1968 from five lugs to a 4x130mm bolt pattern.

In 1969 VW added all new rear end parts to Beetles. It was the first year for independent rear suspension transmissions with CV joints rather than solid axles.

VW increased engine displacement from a 1500cc Single Port to a 1600cc Single Port in 1970. Then in 1971 the famous VW dual port 1600cc engine came was introduced. That is also when the improved doghouse oil cooler was added to improve engine cooling.

VW Beetles featured a generator charging system until 1973, when an alternator was added as a standard feature.

Larger 5 mph Impact bumpers were added in 1974 to all Beetles.

Fuel injection became a standard feature for bugs from 1979 until the end of production.

How to Tell An Early Beetle From A Late Beetle:

Early Beetles and Late Beetles have many different exterior parts that can help tell them apart. There are several quick things you can look at on a bug to tell roughly what year it is. Some of the most obvious things are the bumpers and headlights. Early Beetles have glass enclosures around their headlights and small stamped steel bumpers, which usually feature over-riders and towel bars. Late Beetles have sealed beam headlights with heavier more square bumpers. Also early Beetle hoods come down to more of a crest, where late Beetles have a wider peak.

How to Tell The Difference Between Early VW Bugs and Late VW Bugs - Front End

Early and Late VW bugs als have very different rear ends. There are several rear end parts that will distinguish and early bug from a late bug. Bumpers are a big giveaway. Early Beeltes had smaller stamped steel rear bumpers, similar to their fronts, while late Beetles featued heavier more square heavier steel bumpers. The rear decklids also help identify the year of a Beetle. Finally, tail lights became larger and larger. The earliest Beetles had very small tail lights while the latest Beetles had tail lights that were probably five times as large. The same goes for the rear window. The smaller the rear window the earlier the bug.

How to Tell The Difference Between Early VW Bugs and Late VW Bugs - Rear End

VW Bug Parts Variance

There are many other minute changes between model years and special editions of bugs. Also a beetles standard parts can vary depending on the original country of manufacturer or import. Our notes on production parts are specfic to American delivered Beetles.

Also it is important to remember that Super Beetle had a different front end than standard beetles of the same years. Parts are shared between VW Beetles and Super Beetles from the front doors back for the same model years.

VW is famous for mid year model changes. It is not uncommon for cars to receive a different part half way through the production year. We always recommend checking for application changes between years.

Buying the Correct Part for Your VW Bug

No matter what year bug you have it saves time and heartache to buy the correct part the first time. It is always a good idea to take a good look at your car and the particular part needed before ordering a replacement part for you VW beetle.

There are several basic factors you can keep in mind when ordering parts for your car.

10 Things to Know When Buying VW Bug Parts

  1. Know what year your beetle is.
  2. Know if you have a ball joint ('66-'77) or link pin ('49-'65) front beam.
  3. For Ball Joint Front Beams Note that '66-'67 & '68 have unique parts compared to '69-'77 Bugs.
  4. Know if you have a swing axle or IRS transmission,
  5. Know what wheel bolt pattern is on your car: 5x205mm or 4x130mm or custom.
  6. Look up what engine you have by the number on the engine case. ID number is beneath alternator / generator stand.
  7. Double check part number compatibility for your year and application.
  8. Note any custom accessories, different body parts, engine or chassis components when ordering
  9. Note if your car is cabureted ('49-'74) or fuel injected ('75-'79)
  10. Consider surrounding components, like gaskets or hardware, that may need replaced when replacing a part.

We Can Help You With VW Bug Parts Application Questions

If you have questions about your particular VW bug application please check out our DIY page for information videos, tips and instructions. Also feel free to contact us about questions. Click Here to See Our DIY Page

Buying a VW Beetle

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