Fitech Electronic Fuel Injection Setup Notes for Air-Cooled VW Dune Buggies, Beetles, Buses and Sand Rails

Fitech VW Type 1 engine mockup

Fitech 2-barrel kit mocked up on a VW Type 1 engine.

VW FiTech EFI Quick Start Guide

Interested in converting to a FiTech EFI system set up specially for air-cooled VWs? Here are some quick tips for setting up the FiTech unit to get your engine up and running.

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Installation Notes

Fitech includes great instructions for installing and wiring the EFI unit. Air-Cooled VWs require a few special installation changes

Coolant Temp Sensor: Drill and tap a valve cover with a 3/8 NPT pipe tap and install the coolant temperature sensor there.

Oxygen Sensor: Install 02 sensor within 36" of an exhaust port. We recommend welding the 02 bung to your exhaust.

Intake: The RADesigns four barrel intakes have 2" ends. They can be used with stock end castings and a reducing coupler or with CB Performance 7367 High Flow End Castings. The RADesigns Two Barrel Intakes are designed to be used with stock or performance end castings.

Please note the intake may require trimming to fit your engine. If your intake does not have a support location you may need to make a small support bracket from flat steel.

Fitment: Our intakes have been set up by RADesigns to fit under the decklid of VW beetles. Please note these are a tight fit near the alternator.

Throttle Cable: You will have to set up your throttle cable in accordance with your vehicle's setup. Typically we recommend a morse style throttle cable.

You can view the FiTech Fuel Injection Instruction Manual here.

FiTech VW Setup

Step 1: Load Tune "Dune Buggy Warehouse Air-Cooled VW Base Tune"

  1. In the FiTech main menu go to option 9 "Write Cal to ECU"
  2. Choose "Dune Buggy Warehouse Air-Cooled VW Base Tune"
  3. Select "Write to Ecu" button in the bottom left of the screen
  4. Once the download is successful turn off the unit and wait five minutes for the ECU to update.
  5. You will know the unit has a new tune loaded because you will hear some relays click on the Fitech Unit

Step 2: Configure the FiTech Engine Setup

  1. In the FiTech main menu go to option 4 "Go-EFI Initial Setup"
  2. Next choose option 1. "Engine Setup"
  3. Next go to option 3 for Cam settings. Choose Cam 4.
  4. The DBW Base tune requires Cam 4 to run properly
  5. You can also adjust your rev limiter, engine size and cylinders.
  6. Please note the engine cubic inch size may be larger than your engine but the tune will adjust for that.

Step 3: Ignition Setup

  1. Many FiTech units can control ignition for your vehicle.
  2. The DBW Base tune is set up with timing control.
  3. If you do not want to run ignition control you must change the ignition settings
  • This can be done in "Go-EFI Initial Setup">"Engine Setup">Option 8 "Tach or 2Wire+Coil"
  • Choose "Tach" if you do not want timing control. Choose "VR Coil" if you want timing control.
  1. If you would like to use ignition control we recommend pairing the unit with an MSD Box and Distributor.
  2. Please note you must phase your rotor in with an adjustable rotor from MSD. PN 84211
  3. We also recommend a putting sight holes in a spare distributor cap to phase the rotor in.
  4. MSD has a great video on phasing in your distributor on Youtube.
  5. Ignition timing is set at 18 degrees at idle set at 1280 RPM.

Step 4: Idle Setup

  1. Start your engine and let it run until it warms up.
  2. The engine must warm up to at least 170 degrees.
  3. While the engine runs go to the Fitech main menu
  4. Choose option 1 for the dashboard
  5. Check the coolant temperature and make sure it is above 170 degrees.
  6. Scroll down to IAC Steps. Make sure at idle this value is between 2-10.
  7. If it is too low or too high adjust the throttle butterfly on the Fitech unit to increase or decrease the idle steps

Custom Tunes: Custom EFI tunes are available through RADesigns. The units can be dialed in at an additional cost specific to your application. Email: Phone: 209-743-7874

Fitech Type 4 on a custom 4-barrel individual runner intake

Fitech 4-barrel mounted on a custom 4-barrel individual runner 2.1L Type 4 waterboxer engine.