EMPI 34 Pict Carburetor Installation Instructions

EMPI 34 Pict Carburetor Instructions for VW Bug, Bus or Dune Buggy

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34 Pict Carburetor Installation:

***Please note: It is always wise to have a quality shop manual when working on your vehicle. Bentley VW repair manuals are hard to beat on this front.

Remove your old carburetor:

  1. Remove your air cleaner.
  2. Disconnect your throttle linkage by loosening the set screw on the barrel nut on your carburetor's throttle arm. Save the barrel nut for you new carburetor.
  3. Remove your fuel line. We suggest leaving a rag beneath it to catch any fuel draining out. You may need to clamp it shut if you have a buggy with a fuel tank above the engine.
  4. Remove any vacuum lines attached to the carburetor. We suggest taking a photo of them before removal to ease installation of your new carburetor.
  5. Remove the two 13 mm nuts fastening the carburetor to its flange on the intake manifold. One will be right in front the other will be harder to access between the manifold and the fan shroud.
  6. Once the carburetor is removed, clean the intake manifold flange of any old gasket material or debris.

Installing your new carburetor:

  1. Install the two new studs in the base of the carburetor making sure that the longer section of threads is facing down and will pass through the intake manifold flange.
  2. Install the gasket on the base of the carburetor by sliding it on the studs.
  3. Torque the two carburetor retaining nuts down to 14 ft-lbs. For those doing it by hand the nuts should be tight but not Hulk-strength over-tightened.
  4. Replace your fuel and vacuum lines referring to your photographs or a shop manual.
  5. Replace your air cleaner.

Adjusting your new carburetor

  1. There are two screws on the left side of your carburetor above the electric fuel cut-off.
  2. Start your car and proceed first to adjust your idle speed. The larger screw on the carburetor is your idle speed adjustment. Shoot for 950 RPMs. Turning the screw in will reduce the idle, while backing it out will raise the idle.
  3. Then adjust your fuel mixture. The smaller screw on your carburetor is your fuel mixture screw. While the engine is at idle, turn the screw in until the engine starts to sputter and die. Then back the screw out about a half turn, until the engine smooths out. Listen to the engine.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not recommend adjusting the screw on the carburetors fast idle cam. That adjustment is set from the factory and should not need to be touched!