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Starters for Air Cooled VW Beetle, Dune Buggy, Sand Rail, and Baja Bugs. Stock replacement starters, IMI Hi Torque, High torque TDI starter conversions, and starter bushings for VW Type 1 and Type 2 transaxles.

There are two common starter sizes used:

Type 1 starters fit Beetle, and 3-Rib or 5-Rib 002 transaxles. These bellhousings measure 2-3/4 inch from bellhousing flange to starter flange.

091 starters fit 6-Rib 091 Bus, and 094 4-speed transaxles. These bellhousings measure 3-1/4 inch from bellhousing flange to starter flange.

Many VW transaxle bellhousings are interchangeable. Measure and verify which bellhousing you have before choosing a starter.

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