Pertronix 1847A Electronic Ignition for VW Beetle 009 Distributors

Pertronix Electronic Ignition Kit for VW 009 Distributors 1847A Ignitor

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New Pertronix Electronic Ignition kit for VW 009 Distributors. Direct bolt in that replaces points and condenser for maintenance free operation.

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New Pertronix electronic ignition kit for VW 009 Distributors. This unit will bolt in to any non vacuum advance VW 009 style distributor and eliminate the points. This eliminates point adjustment and allows for a smoother running engine. Ideal for street and off road applications. Installation is very simple and can be handled by almost anyone. Hall effect sensor techonology triggers firing by sensing magnetic field in electonic ignition. This sensor never contacts the rotor for a maintenance free design.

Don't get burned. Electronic Ignition Install Tips:

1. Make sure your engine is wired up properly. The only wires that should be on your coil's negative terminal are a tachometer signal and the negative of the electronic ignition.

2. Make sure you have the right coil. Check the specs on your electronic ignition unit. All standard electronic ignition units require a coil with no less than 3.0 ohms of resistance. Common compatible coils are the Bosch Blue, Beru Blue and Pertronix 3.0 ohm flamethrower.

3. Don't leave the key on! Make sure to not keep the key switched to "on" when the engine is not running. If you need to leave it on for trouble shooting disconnect the electronic ignition unit or it can overheat and fail.

4. Enjoy it! Your car should run smooth and be less finicky with an electronic ignition. Get out and cruise! This eliminates point adjustment and allows for a smoother running engine. This unit uses an aftermarket VW 009 distributor housing, which means that factory cap and rotors are retained for easy servicing.

Pertronix 1847A

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