Dune Buggy Warehouse is a division of Drew's Off Road Performance LLC.

We have been a local vintage Dune Buggy and VW Beetle parts store for 30 years in the Cincinnati area. We stock many commonly needed parts for vintage VW beetles, VW busses, dune buggies, woods buggies and VW powered trikes. Our specialty through the years has been tube chassis rail buggies. Our founder and president, Brian Drew, has been building VW powered rail buggies since he was 16. Now he uses his experience to make sure we are ready to help customers with dune buggy or woods buggy projects or repair.

We also love stock and modified air-cooled VWs. Several of our employees have vintage VWs that they drive, modify and restore. Among our employee fleet are VW beetles, a VW Squareback and a VW bus. We love supporting local clubs and groups of off road riders. Let us know about your club and your local scene. Please let us know if you have any questions on your VW project or application. We stock a variety of VW Beetle parts, as well as parts for other vintage VW vehicles. We are happy to help.