Dune Buggy & Air-Cooled VW Tech Articles

VW & Dune Buggy Tech Tips 

  1.  Type 1 Main Bearing Sizing
  2.  VW Type 1 Engine Engine Size Combinations
  3.  VW Starter Comparisons (Sedan,3 rib & 5 rib vs. 6 rib)
  4.  How To Tell The Difference Between VW Flat Cam and Dished Cam Oil Pumps
  5.  VW Bug Parts Application Tips
  6.  Dune Buggy, Sand Rail, Baja Axle Length Sizing Tips
  7.  Weber & HPMX IDF Jetting Guide
  8.  VW Type 1 Cylinder Head Torque Sequence - For Air Cooled Bug Bus Ghia & Dune Buggy
VW Powered Dune Buggy