Unisteer Electric Power Steering UNI - 8052160

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Unisteer 220w Electric Power Steering kit


The kit is made for vehicles weighing up to 4500 pounds. It is a great option for street rods, dune buggies, tuner cars and light off road trucks that could use the benefit of power steering without the parasitic draw of a hydraulic system. 

The kit includes a 220w steering motor, universal mounting plate, control module, instructions and all the wiring connectors and hardware needed to wire it to your vehicle. 

The kit was developed as a universal application for street rods. It can be used safely at highway speeds or off road on trails, as long as it is installed to the manufacturers specifications. 

If for some reason the system looses power or fails it reverts back to manual steering so it will not leave you stranded. 

We have used this kit on several VW woods buggies in combination with center mount rack and pinions with great success. 

It drastically dampens the steering making it harder for the wheel to jerk out of your hands on a rough trail. It also makes the steering easy enough that you can turn the wheel with your pinkey! 

Wiring: Wiring the kit is fairly simple. Two connectors built into the harness connect the control box and steering motor. The remaining wires attach to a ground, constant 12v source and your ignition switch.


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