Fitech 600HP Power Adder Fuel Injection Kit for VW Type 1 Engines with Inline Fuel Pump & Timing Control

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VW Type 1 Fitech Fuel Injection System with 600 HP Power Adder Fitech Unit, Intake and High Pressure Inline Fuel Pump Kit.

Fitech Go Street EFI - Bolt-on fuel injection 600 horsepower System - 30001

VW Beetle & Dune buggy Muscle Car Project Car Engine Swap v8 v6 ls smallblock, sbc, sbf chevy, ford, pontiac, dodge and mopar

Fitech EFI Fuel Injection Systems for engine swaps, motor swaps in your dune buggy, sand rail, project car and more. Available for most V8, V6 applications with a standard 4 barrel intake pattern. Will work with your Chevrolet, Pontiac, Buick, Ford, Dodge, MOPAR and many other engines, and will work with supercharged and turbo-charged boost applications. Check out power adder units for nitrous and NOS compatible kits.
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Check out our Fitech Quick-Start Guide here.

VW Bug and Dune Buggy Power Adder Fuel Injection System for Volkswagen Type 1 Engines with timing control.  

This kit is ideal for turbo, supercharged or nitrous applications. 

This kit includes a Fitech 600 HP fuel injection system, intake manifold and high pressure fuel pump kit.  

It is designed to work with engines that are at least 2.0 liters or are making at least 100 horsepower.  It can be used with or without a power adder. 

This kit allows you to design your own fuel line routing and throttle cable system.  These core components have been proven in testing with both naturally aspirated and turbo charged engines.  

The VW 600 horsepower kit is the intermediate level kit. It is designed to be used with a stock ignition  or can electronically control timing advance from a MSD style distributor. 

Our kit also includes a specially designed base tune to get your car running quickly.  Self learning takes around 1000 miles.

It  kit is ideal for dune buggies, sand rails, baja bugs, buses and other vehicles with volkswagen type 1 engines.  Bug owners please note this kit will not fit under a stock decklid.  

Fitech's Go EFI 4 600 HP self tuning fuel injection kit is rated for 250-600 Horsepower. This kit features the fastest, most accurate Self-Learning available, as well as timing control and wet flow annular discharge.

This kit is specially designed for nitrous or forced induction from a turbo or supercharger.  They can handle up to 25 pounds of boost.  

Fits any 4-bbl intake manifold and includes self-contained ECU, fuel pressure regulator and spark control without an external box or special distributor. Includes hand-held controller with a touch screen for easy setup and monitoring.

This kit includes:

 Die Cast Throttle Body
 Handheld Controller
 Windshield Mount
 (4) Hi-Flow 600 HP injectors
 Built-in pressure regulator
 2.5 BAR Internal MAP Sensor
 Throttle Position Sensor
 Idle Air Control
 Coolant Temp Sensor
 Wide band O2 Sensor
 O2 Bung Kit
 -06AN Fuel Inlet Fitting
 Gasket Kit




Fitech 30004




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