DriverPak Type 1 Engine Kit - Choose 1600cc - 1776cc Pistons, Heads, Pushrod Tubes, German Gasket Set

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Build a reliable stock plus engine on a budget!

Our DriverPak engine kits give you all the top end parts you need to build a reliable 1600cc to 1776cc engine for your bus, bug, dune buggy or Type 3.

Choose your piston kit 85.5mm, 87mm or 90.5mm

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Need to build a reliable engine on a budget? 

This is the top end kit for you!  

The Dune Buggy Warehouse DriverPak engine rebuild kit allows you to customize your daily driver or road tripper engine. 

We offer choices of pistons and cylinders including 85.5mm, 87mm and 90.5 mm.  This gives you the ability to build a reliable 1600cc, 1641cc or 1776cc engine. 

Our pistons are cast and feature high quality ring sets.  The cylinders are proven heavy duty cast iron. These sizes are ideal for a nice stock plus VW bug, bus, type 3 or dune buggy engine. 

Please note: 90.5mm pistons and cylinders require your cylinder heads and engine case to be machined for larger cylinders. Cost of 90.5 DriverPak kit includes cutting cylinder heads for your engine build. 

This kit includes new pistons (choose your size), stock replacement cylinder heads, stock steel pushrod tubes and a German Elring gasket set. 

We offer a nice quality stock cylinder head with stock size steel valves. The valves are 35mm on the intake and 32mm on the exhaust side.   This unit features all stock replacement components including italian steel valves. Combustion chambers are 53 cubic centimeters. They require stock style 14mm spark plugs (part number 7902 or WR8AC). 

Our stock cylinder heads feature great air flow through the head for excellent cooling performance, especially around the exhaust ports. 

Put your daily driver or road tripper engine together they way you want with our DriverPak engine kit! 

Let us know if you have questions about parts recommendations for your application.  We can also help you with your bottom end rebuild if you need a recommendation for camshaft, bearings or hardware.  

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